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No one starts a business with the intention of being average in their field, and Johnson Distributors is no different. When we set out to be the leading supplier of light bulbs in the country, we knew we would have to enter the market with great products and great customer service. By offering the best lighting solutions available and pairing that with a well trained, knowledgeable, and customer friendly team of lighting experts, we had no doubt that we could take on the other industry giants.

At Johnson Distributors, we know how overwhelming maintaining a business can be, so we are here to help make things easier. Our customer service representatives stay up to date on all of the technological advances in lighting and are ready to help you find the solution that is best for your business, whether your focus is how your products look under different types of lighting or finding the most environmentally friendly, longest lasting bulbs, we’ll have the answers you are looking for. Click here to learn more about Johnson Distributors.

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